FY24 SWE-D High School Mentoring

The SWE-D mentorship program will provide high school female-identifying students the opportunity to learn from and connect with industry professionals at the end of the 2024 school year. This program aims to help students discover their STEM identity, provide them with diverse STEM role models, and expose them to various engineering educational and career paths. We appreciate you dedicating your time to support these future engineers! Please see the role descriptions below and let Ayah (aseir001@ucr.edu) know if you have any questions. After the call for volunteers closes, there will be a 1-hour training for Mentors and email follow-ups for all speakers.

Mentor – You will meet one-on-one virtually with a high school student to discuss topics of the student’s choice. You should meet with your student one-on-one once a week for 30 minutes during the month of May. We will have a kick-off meeting altogether where students and mentors will get to know one another mid-April. We also ask you to attend at least one of the virtual group activities (career panels, speakers, hands-on activity, social event, etc.). Signing-up to fill one of the roles below will count towards this attendance requirement. You will also be asked to attend the 1-hour training that will take place early-April or view the meeting recording.

Speaker for…

  • Career Panel – Talk on a virtual panel with fellow SWE-D members about your education and career for ~5-10 minutes and answer live student questions.
  • Professional development topics – You will be the main speaker/presenter for a 30-60 minute talk on a date/time of your choosing. You can choose to talk on any topics that high school students would benefit from like learning how to network, advocating for yourself, making the most of your mentorship experience, a technical topic, etc.

​Hands-on Activity Support – Attend and support a Spring Semester hands-on virtual activity for 1.5-2 hours. Staff virtual break-out rooms to answer student questions about the activity or about yourself!

Social Event Support – Assist in the planning and executing of a virtual social event (STEM movie night, game night, science of baking, etc.). Target timing is the end of the Fall semester (December or early January).

If your company would like to sponsor an activity or speaking event, please let Ayah know!